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What would it be worth worth to you?


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Ok Here we Go.

Lets say we have a collection with a book value of around $4,000 made up of mostly common date coins and 70s proof and mint sets.

Some BU rolls of Silver


Rough Break down

10 cull morgans

14 cull Peace $

6 rolls mixed low grade Buffalos

10 rolls BU Washintons 64d

various whitmans cents through Halves with only common dates/mm in low grades

45 rolls of Wheaties

2 rolls of teen wheaties

Plus about 25lbs of unsearched coins from the 50s to the 70s

Oops forgot to add the mint proof stuff


6 Brown box 71 Ikes

2 Brown box 72 Ikes

1 Brown Box 73 Ikes

Proof Sets






the rest of the stuff is AG to G V,Buff,Jeffersons

about 5lbs of mixed wheats mostly 50's and about 50%BU



How much would we get from a dealer and would they be interested?

Before you ask no its not mine.

I have been looking at a typical collection for some-one I don't want to raise their hopes because I have seen nothing special and it has been my experience in the past that dealers do not realy want common stuff.

I would like to be able to give a realistic dealer price before I make my offer


Thank you in advance for your help

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