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New Denarii Notes

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It's been two years since the Imperial Bank of Coinpeople launched any new notes, well the wait is nearly up.


A few changes since the last issue. Previously the notes were denominated in guineas, well that's changed to denarii. The other change is that the notes are now printed double sided (properly) rather than two separate sides glued together.


Here are the designs;



20 Denarii






10 Denarii







5 Denarii








Thoughts, comments welcome

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Nice designs :ninja:


BTW (and apologies for hijacking this thread) If I want to make my own pretend notes & post them in my own thread, then are there any specific rules?


I'm planning on doing a "What If" series of different notes in a similar way to Scotland & Northern Ireland


What I mean is "What If commercial banks in England & Wales continued making banknotes to the present day"?


The banks in particular I was thinking of were:


Midland Bank

Nat West Bank

Lloyds Bank

Barclays Bank


Each would have a their serial numbers starting F4K3 for legal reasons (if there are any). They would date from decimalisation & the currencey would be "Britannia's" with 100 Una's making up 1 Britannia.


1, will that cause any problems & 2 is anyone interested in me doing these?

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Actually, not sure if anyone can help at all but I've been searching for them all over the net but having a bit of trouble getting hold of them, would anyone have any of the banks logos that were in use in the 70's, 80's & 90's for the following banks please:


Midland Bank

Lloyds Bank

Natwest Bank

Barclays Bank


Just so I can have accurate logos for the different series of "notes"


Any help greatly appreciated

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