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British Auction Houses for coins?


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Does anyone know a good comprehensive list of British coin auction houses, more importantly outside the major auction houses of Spink and London Coins? I am talking about the sort of places you send coins up to about 150-200 GBP so I can hit the auction curcuit and have some fun buying and selling :ninja:

I already have a small list in my Bookmark section but the only two I can see do-able for the near future seem to be B. Frank & Son (to whom I have already sent some stuff) and A. F. Brock. I have also Birmingham, Croydon, Corbitts (Stamps primarily) and Lakeland but surely there must be something like a 'calendar' out there somewhere with auctions all year round?

I have tried Googling one out but none are really comprehensive and I'm looking for the lower than Spink standard auctions as I'm not that rich yet!


Thanks for any help that may be forthcoming..


Matt ;)

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Mmmm I have to say there are some tempting hammereds there in that link you gave me... :ninja:


You should have been at today's London Coin Auction, picked up loads of beauties!



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