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Fell off the Wagon


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I haven't bought any coins in ages, well over a year. Until a few weeks ago, saved up a fair bit and then I went mad.


I've always wanted some nice ones of these! Of all the 'new' designs of that era, this one has always been my favourite.






1917 (Type 1)







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I'm back now for a while, at least until october, as i speak i'm trying to ensure an internet connection beyond that... so we'll see.


As for the coins well, i always said i was going to get some nice SLQ's one day... I'm already eyeing up some more SLQs. I'm still waiting for a 1924 SLQ which is in the post as we speak, but that's not an FH like the others.


The 1929 one is particularly nice i have to admit. The best thing about it was that i found both of these on the UK Ebay, which is very, very unusual. I'm wary of ordering stuff like this from the states because they ain't cheap and the post is only insured effectively until it boards the plane at the US end, once it's in England it's not actually covered and if it goes missing well, that's that. I had that happen before on a roll of Merc dimes that Art sent, they got to the UK in one piece (according to the tracking reports from the US postal service) then they vanished. So every purchase of this magnitude from the states is a risk, and worse still i get charged customs tax on them as well! So to find some already in the UK was a blinder.


I'm awaiting the arrival of some Indian head gold as well.

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