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Some Hammered coins


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Someone made a request by PM to me ages ago, asking to see some of my coins. Unfortunately that was back when i had no connection at all, well here we are some months, years down the line and i've managed to find the images!


So here they are;






Edward the Elder (899-924)






Aethelstan (924-939)






Eadmund (939-946)






Cnut (1016-1035)






Stephen (1135-1154)






Henry II (1154-1189)





Edward I 2A (1272-1307)




I'm rather fond of the Stephen myself.

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Oh and i'll throw this in even though i only owned it for about a year before i sold it to by the Eadmund penny above. I wish i still had it, but these nobles are more common than Eadmund pennies, so push came to shove and it went.




Henry VI 1422 Noble

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I'm rather fond of the Cnut, lovely grade...oh and the first one looks as though it's saying Bonus: Hohoho! :ninja:

Lovely Pennies all-round..of course the Stephen ones are rather rare no?

I was slightly amazed about your selling off the Noble for an Edmund penny but then again, if it's rare.. it's all good!

Keep 'em coming if you like!

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