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Benjamin Franklin Bronze Plaquette

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Opinions on this plaquette were divided. I consider that it is work French sculptor Jean-Baptiste Nini (1717-1786) or imitation its work. As there is an opinion that this plaquette is executed in 19 century. To me interestingly your opinion.



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From an old auction


'RARE FRANKLIN INSTUTUTE AWARD MEDAL, ND. GM-97; Fuld FR.M.FR.10. 38.5mm. Bronze, with a reddish mahogany finish. Unsigned (after Nini). About Uncirculated. Obverse with a bust left of Franklin wearing his fur hat ,symbolic of the Printer’s trade, in a plain field. The reverse legend: ,FRANKLIN INSTITUTE OF THE STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA surrounds AWARD/ TO. The medal is unawarded.


The date of this medal is uncertain. Fuld lists it first is the series of Franklin Institute medals which is otherwise cataloged chronologically. Since it bears a Snowden number, it cannot be later than 1861, and it probably is considerably older than that. Greenslet rates it an R8 (5-10 known). It is the first we have seen'


What size is your medal? To me it looks like yours could be a trial strike. Perhaps of the mentioned auction medal. That is a medal "after Nini" or as you "state imitation"

It differs from this medal

Franklin Institute Nini Medal so I believe it is 19th century. Great addition to your collection.

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I really love your Franklin Plaque.



I'm not much help on your plaguette, but I bought from Ebay France this one a short time

ago just because I liked the design and it looks very similar in the way it was made.


I'm not sure if they are modern re makes or older originals.

Does your have a signature on it?













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Thanks for your information. The plaquette has diameter of 52 millimetres, unsigned on an underside. I have it in a collection some years, and now I wish to sell it at auction as I do not collect America, and I wish to enclose means in a medal on the subjects.

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Halfdollar's plague has information on it 'Columbus' etc and is obviously made as a unifaced plaque. Yours has no info, no engraver not even Franklin which I believe means there should be a reverse for what is the trial strike of an obverse. If your is a plaque, then many people would not know who it was without a name. Lets hope someone has more concrete info for you.

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