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1922 Plain Lincoln cent

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Awhile back I posted pictures in the error forum of a 1922 Plain Lincoln cent I found in a large bag of Lincolns I purchased.

And now I want to share with all of you some really really good news I received tonight.

I do not know how to send the picture to CP, so all I can do is give the description:


PCGS XF-40 BN No.D, Die Pair 2, Strong reverse. The Certificate No. is 13599382.



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Congrats!!!! According to Heritage, this die pair is the most sought after...


You've DRAINED any hope I had because you took probably one of the last circulating 1922s out of circulation! Darn yoU!

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Just like the occasional 09-S v.d.b. they are there...in those bags...once in a very great while. The thing is the 22 plain is something a lot of people don't know about, so it may be a lot more common in massive wheatie bags than we think.

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(((don't catch and release)))


Hey little nut, I mean numismatic nut... have you ever heard the phrase...'You are a cute kid but I think I will keep you anyway'? :ninja:


I know, it might be an old saying... from an old gramma... I have a lot of those in my repretoire, so be careful. ;)


How is the Superior Coin Club coming along?


Thanks little fella,


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((( 09-S v.d.b. they are there)))


Okay vfox... it there was one of those in there too, I surely did miss it. ;)

It was certainly fun finding that one coin and I want to find the other four that I need for my wheat collection. more more more... This is terrible... more more more sounds more like 'greed'. Best quit now while I am still ahead.


Thanks ccg... I appreciate your kudos!


Don't give up deadpoint... there may well be more out there. We don't even have any idea how many were minted, so the chances are better than you might think. One out of 7,160,000 of the three 22's possible... hey, you just keep looking.

After all I am going to keep looking because I need one for my album, too.


Hi All,

I will try to send a picture that PCGS took and sent to my special friend tomorrow so you can all see it in a much better light than I posted here sometime ago. It is such a good picture that I am not absolutely sure it is the same coin... :ninja:


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