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Unidentified coin- 1765


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I found this in my grandfather's coin box several years ago, but have not been able to find a positive identification on it. The closest match I could find is the lettering on what I presume is the obverse closely matches those of old Finnish coins. This would make sense, since my grandfather is of entirely Finnish descent, and has had family there for as long as we have any kind of records.






The lettering reads:




FA (ornate, topped by crown)





| 240. |


|M A R C K |

| 1765 |





Does anyone recognize what this coin is? As close as I can figure, it's a Finnish 1 Mark coin from 1765.

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Could be a 5 kreuzer (?) coin from some German country. The language, that I know for sure, is German: Iustirt (in modern spelling justiert) means "adjusted", or in this context probably "calibrated". And 240 EINE FEINE MARCK means that 240 of these coins equal one fine (ie. silver) mark - which back then was a weight unit rather than a currency unit. The Cologne Mark for example was about 234 grams.


Don't know however who the "FA" monogram on the other side refers to. Could be the Saxonian prince elector Friedrich August III (later King Friedrich August I), and the "EDC" may be short for Ernst Dietrich Croll who at that time was mintmaster in Dresden. But these are fairly wild guesses. :ninja:



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