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Have posted my Kazakhstan 50 Tenge collection up on Omni, I know not to everyones taste LOL but i like them :ninja:



Sabit Mukanov 1900-1973

Bust, poet & social activist, academic

Coat of arms



Gabiden Mustafin 1902-1985

writer, public figure

Coat of arms



Makhambet Utemisov 1803-1846

Bust, poet & participant of peasant revolt

Official emblem celebrating of 200th anniversary of Makhambet Utemisov

Coat of arms



Abilkhan Kasteev 1904-1973

Bust, painter & graphic artist

Bust & pallet with paint brushes

Coat of arms


Alken Margulan

Archaeologists & ethnographer

Portrait & rock drawings

Coat of arms



10th Anniversary Of the Constitution

Official symbol of the anniversary

Coat of arms


60th Anniversary Of the "patriotic war"

Coat of arms



Order of Altyn Kyran II

Coat of arms


Order of Altyn Kyran I

Coat of arms


Altay Snowcock

2 birds perched on branches

Coat of arms


Akhmet Zhubanov composer

Musical score behind bust

Coat of arms


20th Anniversary Of the Uprising 1986

Monument 'Dawn of Freedom' situated in the city of Almaty

Coat of arms



Order of the Motherland

Coat of arms


Childs 1st Steps

Parents watching a child take its 1st steps

Coat of arms & national ornaments

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