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Help with indentifying counterstamp on my 1846 W.W.Wilbur Auctioneer token

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I am trying to identify the counterstamp on this 1846 Wilbur Auctioneer token.

It has a similar five pedal flower counterstamp close in design to the flower design on my other token which is the 1838 Am I Not A Woman & A Sister token.


I tried to look up the counterstamp and have had no luck. I thought that maybe someone would recognize it.


I am taking some wild guesses here but.....

Could the counterstamp mean that the owner of the counterstamp was for freedom of slaves?

Even though it was on a slave auctioneer token it could have been his own protest against slavery?


It may be a huge stretch.....but maybe there are slave tags that have counterstamps

like this one?


Any help or suggestions of whom to get in touch with would be greatly appreciated.












Comparing the two flower designs.


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