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Albert Edward Prince of Wales


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I know that this is exonumia, but thought you collectors of Canadian coins might enjoy seeing it.

I think the reverse is quite beautiful.




Albert Edward Prince of Wales 1860 Æ 48 mm by J. S. WYON SC. & M.D.WYATT DES. Bust left VISITED CANADA AND INAUGURATED THE VICTORIA BRIDGE 1860 Reverse: around arms, WELCOME on banners 3 times BHM-2669.


The Prince of Wales also laid the corner stone of the Parliamentary Buildings at Ottawa 1860.

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(((I know that this is exonumia, but thought you collectors of Canadian coins might enjoy seeing it.)))


Indeed, it is a beauty!

I see no reason why a coin collector would not enjoy seeing such well executed design.

Thanks for posting this.




(not usually into Canadian coins, but was compelled to see this one).

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That looks wonderful!!!


How do you take pictures with that quality? how can I do the same to my coins?

I'm amazed! that looks greeeeeaaat!!!!!!!!


I would be glad if you could teach me how to take great pictures of my coins, what do I need and how to set things to get these kind of pics.




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I use a Canon XT Rebel 8mg with the 18-55mm zoom that came with the camera.


If you look at the photos, you can see a shadow at the bottom of both shots. Thats because i used available sunlight (low not overhead sun) with fill in flash, I have no fancy set up, just hand held. I normally try with flash and without. Sometimes i use a piece of white paper or a mirror to reflect light back from the shadow side. Some time I use white paper to filter the flash.


I use the automatic focus and usually auto-exposure too. I seem to get respectable results with this totally low-tech approach. You can see a lot of my pics here One Of My Posts


One thing, I try really hard to keep the camera steady. Hope this helps (at least my way is cheap).


Thank for the compliment, they are always most welcome. Good luck with your collecting & photography


Perhaps you will find this link of interest. The photos there are amazing, beat mine hands down.

Coinpeople Topic Photography

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