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A big hand to Dave Francis (ArtfulCoins.com) - for the kids!


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My friend and local coin dealer, Dave Francis, sold me a small bunch of obsolete coins at his cost so that they can be used for giveaways at my child's school. My daughter's teacher put out a request for gifts that can be given out for those children who earn a "Golden Ticket". Ding! Why, not coins?!


The teacher actually noted that she knew of multiple kids that collected coins in her class. Wow....I had no idea that there would be more than my daughter who knew anything about them in her 4th grade class.


So, the kids will get to grab from a bunch of Indian cents, Buffalo nickels, and Liberty Head nickels...all problem free with dates.


I wish I had such prizes to choose from when I was a kid!


If you're going to any of the metro Denver or regional Colorado coins shows (and possibly further out than that), be on the look out for Dave. He's active in the ANA and wants to be at the head of his class as far as being the guy to go to for the collector.


Thanks Dave!

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