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where to exchange my banknotes


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Send them all to ME!!!!!!


Seriousily though, unless you have a big enough amount of each type of currency, it isn't worth the conversion fees the bank is going to charge for each type of currency.


So you either have to hold onto them or sell them.

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Accumulating coins from other "currency areas" is not a good idea, unless you plan to go (in the foreseeable future) to a place where you can spend them. Here in Germany for example many banks will exchange non-euro notes - but hardly any take coins, and the few that do will charge a lot (say, 30 to 40 percent) because handling foreign coins is quite costly.


Maybe "your" bank can help you - if they don't accept the notes, they may be able to tell you about places that do. Or as Delta wrote, ask at an airport near you. Depending on the amount and weight of the euro coins, you could also mail them to a friend of mine in the US who would then send you a ($) check. Would not make sense if the postage "eats" the value though. :ninja:



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