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U.S. Star notes FSH

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Hello folks, I have several star notes I'd like to get a wee bit more than face value for them.


Two consecutive serial number brand new $5 bills with the purple 5. These are crisp uncirculated and have never been folded. I got these a few months ago and they are like brand new. They are two of the first star notes made [with consecutive numbers]. IA01682383* and IA01682384*


Item #2 a $20 star note with series 1999 serial # BG02908177*


Item #3 a $10 star note with series 2004A serial # GB 00265984*


Item #4 a $1 star note with series 2003A serial # C 02753477* Philadelphia


Item #5 a $1 star note with series 2003 serial # B 09776143* New York


Face value of these six star notes is $42.00 and I will let them go to a good home for $48.00

and I'll pay shipping to 50 United States. That's just about 93 cents premium each.

Send a private message if interested. Thanks for looking..

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