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My US Nickel Type Set 1/2


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I finally got around to buying a Jefferson Nickel album and while filling it with what I had; I started organizing all of my nickels. Turns out that, with a few acquisitions, I have a small type set. Still needs some work of course, but thought I'd share how it's going so far.


1866 Shield, with rays (1866-1867), James B. Longacre




1867 Shield, no rays, RPD (I think), James B. Longacre






1869 Shield, no rays (1867-1883), James B. Longacre




1883 Liberty Head, without cents, Charles E. Barber




1910 Liberty Head, (1883-1912), Charles E. Barber




1913 Buffalo, on raised ground, James E. Fraser




1938-D Buffalo (1913-1938), James E. Fraser



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That liberty nickel (no cents) is very nice!




I am so partial to the nickel as a US denomination. Good stuff!



Me too, it is perhaps my favorite US denomination to collect, with perhaps the exception of the half dollar.

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