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So I tried to search through the forum to see if this had been asked before and couldn't really find anything. So, here goes...


I have not bought a coin for a while and am currently looking into US coins. I was wondering if anyone can either tell me (PM or on the forum) key dates for each series or if anyone knows a website where these can be found. Some of the newer series are not so hard to pick out but the older ones I know little about. Thanks in advance

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A copy of the new Redbook costs $15 plus a few dollars for shipping.

The wealth of information contained within is quite impressive, and all key dates are listed for every US coin with mintage and value.


"Buy the book, then buy the coin..." :ninja:


The Peace dollar key dates are 1921 (High Relief), 1924S, 1928, and 1934S.

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Sounds like the answer is already said. Buy the Red Book. Actually any decent US coin book would due if they listed the mintages of coins. As far as a Red Book, first try used book stores, flea markets, garage/yard/estate sales. A Red Book one or two or even several years old is what you really want. The prices are not necessarily the greatest tip as to what is rare or a key date. For example in the Red Book the 1931D mercury Dime has very little value but the mintage is the forth lowest in the series. There are many such discripencies in all coin books. The best thing to do is look for very low mintages and you may want to watch coin forums like this to see what are the most sought after types of coins. Remember that regardless of what anyone says, popularity is the key to a coins value. If no one wants one, it is not worth much at all.

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Just saw a guide on the Heritage site.

Just remember that the prices you see there are suggested prices based on what they would like to see THEIR coins sell for. They are not independant, they are in buisness to make money. This is also why the PCGS web site prices are so far uplifted. They want people to think thier coins are worth a lot so they send them in for grading. If you see a price list on a web site where sales of any kind are thier goal, note they are in buisness and not there to make you happy.

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