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$1 hoard


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Let me preface this post by saying that I live in Canada and older US coins are harder to come by here.


I went into my coin dealer today and he had over $200 in Morgan and Peace dollars. Some of the highlights were 15 1921 Peace dollars, Two 1928 peace dollars, a 1893 O Morgan and a 1890 CC. An 87 year old man was going to give them all to the church he kept them in a coffee can but my dealer convinced him that it would be better to give them modern cash. Thank God!


I scored the best 1921 and 1928 plus he allowed me to come back about two hours later and sort through the full hoard for holes in my collection. I am now $1500 poorer but man do I have a nice collection of Morgans and peace dollars.


In all I got about 30 dollars and I already own about 40 Morgan and peace dollars so this has been a real boon for me. All non slabbed coins.

:ninja:;) ;)



If I get some time I will try and post some of these but I am working on the installment plan and I wont have all of them for a while.



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Here is the 1921 I think Ms-60 opinions?


I'll guess MS62 (obverse) and MS63 (reverse), and the toning on it is really nice. Beautiful uncleaned coin!


If you ever send this to NGC I would be curious to know how they grade it. ;)


And if you ever want to sell it... :ninja:

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