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Bulawayo Banknote Catalogue.

Guest Aidan Work

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Guest Aidan Work

Name; Bulawayo.


Region; British Africa.


Constitutional status at time of issue; Bulawayo is the traditional capital of Matabeleland in southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).Bulawayo was the seat of King

Lobengula of Matabeleland,who was ruling when Cecil Rhodes' British South Africa Company began the British settlement of what would later become Rhodesia.


The banknotes issued in Bulawayo are an emergency issue whose values were determined by the denominations of the British South Africa Company's stamps affixed to the back of specially printed cards.There was a coin shortage due to the 2nd Boer War (1899-1902).These notes are extremely scarce.They are affectionately known as 'Marshall Hole' cards,because the signature of the Secretary of the office of the Administrator of Matabeleland,H. Marshall Hole is present.


Two types of Bulawayo banknotes are known,as are 2 sub-sets.These notes are listed in the Pick Specialised catalogue wrongly under 'South Africa'.




For later issues,see Rhodesia,Rhodesia & Nyasaland,Southern Rhodesia,& Zimbabwe.

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