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Need some Russian translation


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I recently got this in a group of banknotes. Banivechi (a fellow forum member) took a look at it and believes it to be a passport from 1899. Could any forum member provide a translation of the piece (especially the hand-written text and the name)? The page that's horizontal is perforated at the top...apparently so that it could be removed from the rest of the pages. All the pages may have been together at one time as they are about the same size and color. They are quite worn and dog-eared. Spasibo!









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It is a passport for foreign travel--zagranichny passport--issued to Haim Goldberg. His son Yelya (?) 14 y.o. and daughter (can't quite make out the name, Ma????, and age) are also mentioned there. Appears to be issued in Minsk or at least permission to travel abroad was issued by Minsk governor.

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