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Swedish krona coins, help wanted!


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Hi there! I´m looking for swedish 1 krona and 2 kronor coins 1875-1904 in EF or better and 1906-1927 in AU or better. I have been looking at ebay without any greater success. Could anyone help me how to scan the US market for these coins? I´m convinced that there should be hundreds of these coins in the US. Perhaps the coin dealers do not list all there items, specially Scandinavian coins. Text on portrait side of the coins:


Krona coins 1875-1904: Oscar II Sveriges och Norges konung.

Krona coins 1906-1907: Sveriges konung.

Krona coins 1910-1927: Gustaf V Sveriges konung.


I attach some pics of the coins (samples).






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As you are discovering, these are tough coins to find in high grade. Only the 1907 and 1921 2K commemoratives are common. There is not a huge demand for Swedish coins in the U.S., especially not on eBay, which is why you don't see too many there. Only the older stuff like riksdalers sell well.


Anyway, I did a quick scan of the dealer listings in the latest WCN. Dennis Gill in Garden City, NY is offering a 1923 1K UNC for $95, and a 1913 2K "toned AU" for $65. Harlan Berk in Chicago listed an 1898 1K but only VF. I think your best bet is to contact a couple of the dealers that specialize in world coins and carry a large assortment, and tell them what you are looking for. They probably have more Swedish coins in inventory that they don't bother to list.

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Thanks for your answer. I appreciated it very much. I will check the the two dealers mentioned. Perhaps you or any one else could tip me of other dealers in world coins in the US and Canada that might stock swedish coins. Perhaps I could put an add in a numismatic magazine which is read by many dealers and collectors. Any suggestions here? Many thanks in advance!

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Have you tried www.tradera.com? It's a Swedish version of eBay and there are lots of coins for sale and most sellers offer

international shipping.

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Getting a "Tonkin" price guide will help you out:


...the guide (1818-2008, the "book" timeline is from 1521 to 2008) should be enough for you, there's also some ads of swedish dealers in it that could be useful.


Norwegian dealers are also a good bet to find the specific coins you are looking for.


Jose :ninja:

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I just got back from World's Fair of Money and took a quick look through the display case of Tamco Numismatics, Stockholm while I was there. They only had a couple of kroner coins of the types you mentioned in high grade, so perhaps even in Sweden these coins are hard to find!

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i had a same problem couple months ago and i came out with these examples:

2 kr: 1903 and 1913





1 kr:1898



Tradera.com helped me out. I waited about 3 months, before i found the quality that was enaugh for me with low price. If i remember correctly then the prices were 2 kr 1903 ~25$ and 1 kr 1898 ~20$


Good luck!

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