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Question about Notgeld Coin Weilburg 1917 10 pf


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That is "Kleingeld-Ersatzmarke". :ninja:


The man with the helmet on the piece from Weilburg looks like Bismarck. And the letters at the end of the city name ... well, Weilburg used to be part of Nassau until Prussia swallowed it in the 1860s. In 1946 the city became part of Hessen (which is now one of the German states). So this piece is from the Prussian years, but I don't see a "Pr." or so there.


Weilburg is on the river Lahn however. So maybe it means "a/L" = an der Lahn ...



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Dunno, that last one looks quite different. The face, or what is visible of it, is much less individual than those on the Weilburg and Düren pieces. And the chin, the shape of the helmet ... Italian fascism maybe?



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