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Colony of Natal 1902 coronation medal


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I picked up a 1902 Edward VII coronation medal issued by or on behalf of the Colony of Natal. King's portrait on one side and the text around the edge "TO COMMEMORATE THE CORONATION OF KING EDWARD VII. On bust runcation engraver's initials "J & S"/ On the other side COLONY OF NATAL 26 OF JUNE 1902 at the lower part and EDWARDUS DEI GRATIA BRITANNIAR REX.FU on the top



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Most of the coronation medals I have are pre punched holes and would have come with a ribbon attached to a bar with a ring, it is properly white metal as a great many were made like that, the ones issued by the goverment for those attending the corronation would have been in Bronze/Silver/Gold depending on the rank of the individual. Yours was most likely produced by a private company or possibly the goverment of natal. When I was a schoolboy we were issued with a commemrative medal for the investiture of the prince of wales :ninja:

Very nice example though, I dont have one of those in my collection LOL

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