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Coins on a trip to NYC!


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I recently got back from a trip to NYC for a couple days, and as we were walking from one meeting to another, what should we pass, but Augustus Saint-Gaudens giant golden statue of winged victory in the park (this was the model for the double eagle obverse), then I was at the next meeting and it was right across the street from Stacks (near Carnegie Hall) but I didn't have time to go in, just saw some coins in the window that were very nice! All in all, a good trip with some nice surprises!

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I'm making my first visit to the Big Apple next week. Not sure what I'll have time to see.


Lived in NY my whole life...never been to NYC. :/


I have lived and worked in NYC all my life and yet I have only been to Buffalo (near Tonawanda) once. (It's an eight hour drive!)

And my trip involved a very pretty blonde during my college days so I had major incentive... :ninja:


Dockwalliper, try and visit Stack's if only to check out their window display. It's always pretty impressive.

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I live on the opposite end of the united states, so tough luck for me I guess. ;)


Sorry dude, kind of an East Coast thread here.


You're welcome to visit... :ninja:

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