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Whole lotta errors!

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I received a shipment of error coins from a most generous CP member who sent them to me to give to my mother after he found out that she collects error coins. He also sent along an Encyclopedia of Error Coins. I did give these to my Mom who was overjoyed. I am however going to "borrow" them to photograph and hopefully put up in the error coin museum here. It's quite a project, there's a lot of stuff there and some are not identified yet... hence the book. Though this means I will also get to learn a lot more about errors.



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Cool! That book sounds really interesting!


I hope that in a few years a good one will be published on euro errors and varieties. There seem to be a lot of them.

The book is OK. it mainly covers striking varieties with some die varieties. ie. it lists Strike doubling, die cracks among other things. it does show and list some die varieties though. But the best way to describe this book is that it is great for the beginer, although I would recommend the Cherry Pickers guide or Ken Potters web site to learn the difference between strike doubling anf true doubled dies. I myself am a variety collector. And there are and have been better books published. As for foriegn (non- US coins for the sake of arguement), I am currently working on photographing well over 600, if not more, doubled dies, repunched dates (mintmarks), various varieties, etc. My only issue on that is trying to find the right software that has what I need. ie. proper spacing / sections to put variety info, which die number, etc and be able to sort by such features and allows the inclusion of more than just 2 pics. Whew.....Long post, sorry, and seems like I got a lil off track. :ninja:


Good Luck & Keep Searchin'


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Here's a taste daggit.  I have to go to a barbeque, so I can't do anymore for awhile.




1964 Jefferson Nickel Broadstrike.

And a comparison:



Not trying to be a pesimist(sp?) here. But something about that nickle is bothering me. I would have it looked at by a local dealer and or take it to a show and have sevral dealers look at it. What bothers me is this...If it were a broad strike the lettering should still be the same size of that of a regular nickle. But the lettering is "stretched out" on your nickle. So, for that to be able to happen is for the nickle DIE to have been distorted and distorted extremely. Secondly I notice that there seems to be a "rim" around the obverse and somewhat on the reverse. Again if this coin was broadstruck, there shouldn't be a rim at all. Have it looked at by someone knowledgable. I just haven't seen a broadstrike like that one. Ever. I have seen a "sandwhiched" coin displaying features like that though. ie a coin placed between two pieces of leather or wood and then "hammered" or pressed. Which would distort lettering like that. I think CONECA has an article on thier website under thier "No it Ain't" section. This isn't the article I was thinking of, but this does explain the process of "sandwhiching". http://conecaonline.org/content/OhNo0028.htm

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Found my lincoln cent broadstrike the size of a nickle. Notice how the lettering isn't "stretched" beyond thier normal distance? Granted some lettering never filled out due to a lack of circumfrencial pressure? But here's the pics. Oooops, can't add my pics. Not enough space left....:ninja:

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Well dacoinman, I spoke to the original owner of the coin. He is a member of CONECA. "When it gets to a certain point beyond the collar it starts the distortion." This nickel is quarter sized.


We couldn't find an example as large as the one I have, but here's a slabbed Jefferson in which the lettering on the obverse is starting to stretch.




I also have a nickel sized Lincoln. The lettering on the rev appears more doubled than stretched.




Maybe the stretching occurs more on the larger coins?

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