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Specialized Catalogs

Dave M

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I'm collecting French-printed banknotes, and am a bit blind with the catalogs I have. Currently I have Pick, which is fairly incomplete as far as telling me who the printers of notes are, and I have the French Indochina catalog by Maurice Kolsky and Maurice Muszynski which is quite nice.


I'm looking for references (names/links) for specialized catalogs for the various ex-French colonies, Romania, Yugoslavia, Belgium, and other countries who had notes printed by Banque de France or other French printing firms.




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for Romania, the best cataloque is MBR

Gheorghe Buzdugan, Octavian Luchian and Constantin Oprescu Monede si bancnote romanesti Ed. Sport Turism , Bucharest, 1977.

it has all the coins from Transilvania, Walachia, MOldova,( the 3 historical province) and Modern Romania coins and banknotes. it also have a rarity table very well done. unfortunately it is only in romanian.

in 1997 and 2005 appear 2 catalogues of banknotes edited by the ZImbru Carpatin, numismatic shop in BUcarest. it is in english and romanian but has big problems with the price offered( in usd and euro). some are 10 times cheaper then the price market and some others 5 time more expensive.

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FWIW, I just found I had a very nice reference book on my bookshelf. Its titled "Trois Siecles de Billets Francaise", published by the Musee de Carnalet in Paris. It is essentially the history of French banknotes. It contains interesting material on very early money (before the assignats), it moves into the period of the Banque de France in later chapters. While the majority of it relates to banknotes used in France, it does briefly address notes BdF printed for other countries, which is invaluable info for me.


It's also just one of those wonderful (hardback, boxed, fantastic print quality) books that just has to be in one's library.



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