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Please rate my purchase of an 1844 Victoria Young Head Crown/star stops (other variety has cinquefoil stops). Paid £78 for it, but decent grade??

Mintage for this year (both varieties included) was 94,248







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A nice example Matt, but I'm liking the price and portrait more than anything!!



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Certainly! I have had some absolute bargains off fee-bay, most of my coins are from there including my best ones!


A nice coin Matt, if I collected more Milled coins I would have been bidding on that!

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Nice coin,

You mentioned there are 2 varieties, star stops and the cinquefoil stops.

Could you elaborate a bit more on this please, as to what this is, which is the rarer, are there anymore know varieties.

Which variety is yours?

Do you have any informative links with additional information.

Thanks in advance.......

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I'm afraid I'm not too good at elaboration! I only know about the stops - which are to the left and right of the rose beneath the wreath on the reverse from my price guide book (Collectors' Coins GB) and I don't know any links.

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