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PBS History Detectives show on Annie Oakley coin


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The PBS television show "History Detectives" was on the local

channel last evening and had an episode devoted to a coin which

the owner claimed had been shot by Annie Oakley during a marksmanship

demonstration when she was with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show in the

late 1800's.


The owner also claimed that she had two uncles who were members of

Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show musical band, and that the coin came from

one of them.


The coin was a French bronze coin dated 1855 with Napoleon III on it.

From it's size, it looked like a 10 centimes coin, about 30mm in diameter.


The show host figured that the coin had been shot while the show was

touring Europe. A modern day gun expert told her that the coin had

been shot when it was thrown into the air, and show a film clip of Annie Oakley

doing just that.


The host did find genealogical references to the owner's uncles being

in the show, but did not find absolute proof that Annie Oakley shot the coin.


PBS usually repeats it's shows during the week, so it will probably be on

television again soon.

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