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i need an advice again(as usual),on a rouble 1725


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hello everybody ;)

sorry again, but i need another of your excellent advices,i know hre are people honnest ans without business intention in their head, i appreciate that a lot.

then i need an advice concerning a rouble proposed to me by a professionnal seller i know( i bought him 3 russian gold coins)

iknow he is very serious.Then i think this coin is real ,,but concerning the grade and the estimate price,i juust want to now your opinion.

I think this coin is VF (maybe VF+) , and the price is near from 1300/1400$(approxymatly), what do you thik about it?

thank you by advance again, because i m seriously interested in this coin, it would be the greatest of my collection if i would buy it

regards from france :ninja:


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