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1922 plain Lincoln cent

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Last Saturday I took delivery of part of a order of 5,000 Lincoln wheat cents, plus other goodies tossed in for fun.

After sorting the Lincs into decades I began searching the 09's through 20's.


Very much to my surprise I found the coin I am showing to you today.

I have posted this on another site because it was a friend there that encouraged me to do so.






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the reverse is much more telling on these coins... I always think the obverses look funny hahaha..


Yeh Matt, we were very much concerned with the second 2 on the date so

I did a lot of internet research and still I could not be certain.

Someone else posted their picture and by golly it seemed a perfect match.

My coin is a bit more worn than the other one, so it might not grade as high.

For my own need, grade is not as important as the certification that it is real.

I know counterfeits abound when it comes to coins and banknotes and that

is why I was so cautious.

I can tell you that this past weekend was the best weekend I have had in a very

very long time. :ninja:


;) corky

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if that's a real 22 no D, then WOW!!!! THIS IS WHY I LOVE COIN COLLECTING! You can find treasure in the midst of pocket change!!! Can't do that with art collecting!


if it's something other than what we hope it is, then... I dunno. I'm much less excited.




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well these are the things that I always look for on those coins, the last 2 is much stronger then the rest of the date. also the word "TRUST" is stronger then "IN GOD WE". So if you picked this out of some just circulated wheat cents you did very very well! I love it when things like that happen to people i know!!! great stuff!

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I have searched the teens through twenties and found two outstanding 1909vdb's, a 1912D, a 1956D-1MM-003, and a

1956D-1MM-001 Lincoln wheats. Lots of lower grade teens and twenties also.

I am still working on the 1950's and have half a ton of 1940's to go through, and a lot of 30's.

So much fun and so little time. :ninja:


The 1922 plain is on its way to a dealer so it can be submitted to PCGS for certification.


Thanks everyone for the happy responses.


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Actually, if it's real, then you should send your story into Coin World to remind everyone that roll searching is still a key part to collecting!



Hi Deadpoint,


Since reading your post about Coin World, I am thinking about sending them the story.

The coin is on its way to a trusted dealer who will take better photographs than mine,

then PCGS. When it gets back I might have enough to give Coin World a real encapsulated story.


I am uncertain how to write the story, nor do I know who to contact there.

Do you have any suggestions about how to approach this?


Thank You,


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made one heck of a find corky!


Hi Matt,


Been a few very busy days and not much time for reading and posting.


I guess what happened was pure luck. A one in five thousand chance,

that the coin would be in that bag (in reality, the shipment came in two

bags), then a one in six chance I would receive that particular bag.

I am not good at adding up odds, but I think

it was much better than those who buy one lottery ticket out of millions sold.


The coin is on its way to a dealer friend who will take better pictures and then

submit the coin to PCGS for verification, etc.


Until it gets back I have many more cents to examine.




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Terrific find!


Thanks syzygy...


Hopefully the coin is coming back to me.

You won't believe what happened. :ninja:

I sent the coin insured on 6/26 and it never arrived at its

intended destination. The postal person at our local post

office checked on it for me... he said they said that the package

was 'undeliverable to the address' on the package. ARGH!! ;)

He also said it should be on its way back to me.


Now I am so nervous sitting around and waiting that I am just about to jump out of my skin.

With any luck I will be able to send it back to the dealer on Monday... we don't have a p.o.

open on Saturdays.

The poor dealer who will submit the coin is more concerned than I am.


So, the saga continues. Well, at least I have the pictures.



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