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So, we've had some discussion here about Soviet 20 kopecks with obverse of 3 kopeck coins earlier, but what about 3 kopecks struck with 20 kopeck obverses? I've searched a lot of 3 kopeck coins and I think I found one (1982). I might be wrong now, but it looks like such 3 kopecks are rarer than the corresponding variety of 20 kopecks.


Are there any other denominations with mixed dies? I could imagine that there are 50 kopecks with 5 kopeck

obverses and vice versa, and 10 kopecks with 2 kopeck obverses and vice versa.

Do such coins exist?

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20 Kopecks of 1924 exists with obverse of 1 Kop. of 1924

1 Kop. of 1924 and 1925 exist with obverse of 20 Kopecks of 1924

all of these are rare


3 Kopecks of 1931, 32, 33, 34 exist with obverse of 20 Kopecks of 1931 (new design), all rare


20 Kopecks of 1931, 32 exist with obverse of 3 Kop. of 1926, all rare


1961 5 Kopecks exists with obverse of 1958 50 Kopecks, not rare

1976-1990 5 and 50 Kopecks have identical obverses... common



The list may be very long, all varieties are listed in Adrianov's catalogue...



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I have few for sale if you are interested, all in the sets - 1965, 1979 and 1988. Please check out my Ebay store, 1979 will cost you just $30 (the whole set) as that mule is rather common. 1974 is VERY rare though.

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I would also be interested knowing as well, thanks.


The difference is not the same in all cases, I think getting a catalog that points out a difference is a must in this case.


From what I noticed often enough the difference is in the shape of the star above the globe, and sometimes the shape of the ribbon around the wheat. But often the difference between the crests is very subtle (at least to me :ninja: ).

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