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If anyone has seen the "want to buy" section lately I'm sure they've noticed my long list of 8 reale type coins I am trying to purchase. Anyway I am no expert on counterfeit detection when it comes to the pillar types and I am hoping someone here may be much more knowledgeable than I am on this matter. I am thinking of bidding on this coin in the next 8 hours or so, can you guys help me decide if it's a legitimate one or not?






Item # 200232112501 if link isn't working


On a side note, it looks to have been plugged at the top. Obviously I wouldn't bid too much over the current price for a plugged coin, but I still need to know if I should even bother.

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It's past $95 and with the possible hole and "private" listing....eh I'm not ganna bother, I want problem free ones anyway. Anyone have one for sale? :ninja:

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