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A few for sale

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Sussex, Hastings - ½ penny Conder token, sloop, I believe that this is D&H-26...neat die break/cud on left of reverse - $20.00 dlvd. (SOLD)







China, Chihli, ND (1875-1908) cash, cast brass, Boo-gu - Taku Naval Arsenal mint, C#3-1.2, casting is rough and both sides do not line up perfectly...I could find only one other example on the internet and it was also poorly cast/porous. Doesn't appear to have much wear, I believe that the softness of detail and roughness is a product of it's manufacture. Pardon my photos, the coin looks a lot better in hand - $100.00 delivered. (SOLD)







1934-A Germany 2 reichsmark, Potsdam church, KM#81, decent detail but weird toning...it looks like it spent a lot of time in a leather coin purse - $10.00 delivered.







1940 Syria zinc piastre, KM#71a, nice detail but it has a case of the white stuff that older zinc coins are prone to. You might be able to straighten it out a bit with some work - $3.00 delivered.




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