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14 coins of Guernsey & Jersey from 1844-1966

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A nice group of coins from the British Territories of Guernsey and Jersey. From top left: 1/26 of a Shilling Jersey 1844, 1858; 1/24th of a Shilling 1877, 1894, 1937; 8 Doubles Guernsey 1864, 1914; 1/12 of a Shilling Jersey 1926; Guernsey 8 Doubles 1956; 1/12 Shilling Jersey 1931, 1945, 1946; 4 Doubles Guernsey 1914; Square 10 Shillings of Guernsey 1966.


Unfortunately the photo isn't perfect and the lovely 10 Shillings coin at bottom right doesn't show too well but the coin is in great condition. Also, excuse me the poor ordering of the types in this group as it was late!


Asking $35 $29 for the lot delivered to anywhere (I need $6 for airmail).


Must mention PayPal as I sell from the UK.


Please private message me if interested and I can combine postage for multiple purchases to reduce overall airmail and discount total price.





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