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Gold coin can anyone help? Plz


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It reads Georgius 1111 D:G Britanniar.rex:fd and has george and dragon on the reverse


Hi, i wonder if you can help my dad has this gold coin, he has been going through some of his coin collection and wondered if you could tell us anything about this, i have searched on the net and found the coin from the previous year but not this one, thanks


Thanks in Advance i know nothing of coins but said i would help my dad.




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Thanks that looks to me like the one i have sitting in front of me except mines not in that great condition its a bot grubby and slightly worn around the edges thanks for your help i will try and post some pictures of it as i dont know if its genuine as someone posted on my other topic thanks very much for your help.



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George IV Two Pounds


During George IV's reign the two guinea coin was replaced by the

two pounds.


The first obverse was by Jean Baptiste Merlen and the reverse was

by Benedetto Pistrucci. 1823


The second obverse was designed by William Wyon and the

reverse was by Jean Baptiste Merlen. 1823-26


Here's my one for comparison,



Purchased form Lost Dutchman

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