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European Hammerd

De Orc

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Did not even know that I had these till I found them while looking for something else LOL


Bulgaria, Second Empire. Ivan Aleksandar, with Mihail Ansen IV. 1331–1371. Silver Grosh (20mm, 1.86 g). Type II. Struck circa 1331-1355. Christ, nimbate, standing facing, raising hands in benediction; IC XC flanking head, monograms and pellets to either side / Ivan and Mihail standing facing, each holding scepter; banner between, stars flanking shaft; monograms around figures.


Ferdinand I King of Bohemia and Hungary (Holy Roman Empror)


Silver denier


Prussia 1654

Friedrich Wilhelm The Great Elector (1640-1688)

Elector of Brandenburg and the Duke of Prussia



Prussian Eagle

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