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Raw areas on copper coin - can it be smoothened with wax?


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Hi friends, the 10kop1767KM edge 6 (\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\) is much rarer than the 1767 ettered edge, although catalogs rate it lower.

Compare, for example, World Wide Coins of California James F Elmen. In their 52 auctions there were


4x 1767lettered edge,

6x 1767KMedge1 (//////////////)

and not a single 1767KM edge6 (\\\\\\\\\\\\).


I did not hesitate long when I could buy one though it was pretty ugly, with dark areas and verdigris on each side. After careful restoration, the color has become even but there remain raw surfaces where the dark and verdigris had been. My question now: Would wax make the rawness disappear and make it invisible? Does anybody have experience with this? I hear of ren wax (renaissance wax). What do you say? Please help me out of my sleepless nights. Thank you, Sigi


By sigistenz

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