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japan coins...


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Hi all i have some coins from japan ... the value if all are the same 10 yen.


but if you look good in the letters down the value number you can see there are differ from one 2 one...


can you help and give some info about each one...?specialy the year
















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Of course the dates vary.

  • Showa 52 (1977)
  • Showa 49 (1974)
  • Showa 63 (1988)
  • Showa 38 (1963)
  • Showa 40 (1965)
  • Showa 55 (1970)

The first two characters are "Showa", the regnal name of the late Emperor Hirohito. The last character is "Nen" (Year).


In between are characters for the numbers. The pattern is a number representing the decade, followed by the character for 10, and ending with the character for the last digit, so it is read, for example "5 x 10 +2" to equal 52.


1988 was the last full year of the Showa Era, which ended on January 7, 1989, when the Emperor died after being the world's longest reigning monarch in modern times. He was actually the Japanese head of state for more than 67 years including his Regency during his father's illness.

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what is the meaning of Showa?
The Japanese era name for Hirohito's reign.
what do you mean by Showa 52 (1977)?
Modern Japanese coins (since 1867) are dated by the year of the Emperor's reign and 1977 was the 52nd year of the Showa Era.
does`t have value?
Of course, but not very much. All of your coins are listed in Krause as Y#73a, and have a book value of 20¢ XF. A Japanese coin shop would sell coins in the condition of yours for around ¥15, or less.
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