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Hi to everyone,

My father left me his coin collection, some I am unsure of and wish for some help. This has to do with some sort of exonumia? I am unsure.

This is an 1871 Centavo c/m R H

This is what he placed on the coins holder: "100. nikel, 100= half dime, magazine, newspaper, last time, coins" (he spoke Spanish as a first language, and enjoyed practicing his English, lol) It almost seems as it is over another coin? Did not leave inventory for some and thus my quest....

Can anyone identify it or give me some information?

Thank you.

p.s. deleted image, was 2 big

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It is in Krause as KM#196. It is a 1 Centavo coin. It is made of bronze. As for the counterstamp not sure who put it there but it was done after it minted. At the time 100 Centavos= 1 Peso


Thanks Brett,

I was wondering about the c/m or c/s? These c/m or c/s that were allowed in some Latin American Countries were for Plantation purposes also called Finca tokens. So they circulated inside the Plantation, kind of a monopolized way to control their workers (w/o the "kind of a way") Meaning they would either issue their coins or c/m the circulating ones to pay their workers who had to spend them at the Plantation only. Like a little Country inside the Plantation. So they could keep their "peones" under control.

It depends on the Plantation, how rare the token is, the denomination (as the foreman would make more than a simple coffee picker) and of course the amount minted, I think they also would run out of them as I have seen some with lower value stamped with an 8 for example meaning 8 reales which should have been on a larger size coin. Some were made in France for some very rich landloards, I'll post one for you to see.

These coins are very interesting and underestimated because they have so much history (which I know very little of) I have some in lead (composition)

Now, I think there is more....but, I must go to the good old US of A to get my Rulau book so I can find more information on these, as the Krause book does not have it.

In a nutshell, they are not just coins with c/m or c/s they are history of a Country and their people.

Thanks :ninja:


This picture is of the Herrera family and was minted in Paris, the picture is not very good

p.s. deleted image, 2 big

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