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grade of coin

numismatic nut

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First red flag: Private listing


Second red flag:

Positive Feedback (last 12 months): 94.6%

14 Negative

22 Neutral

36 Total


Third red flag:

Duration: 3-day listing


Fourth red flag: The identity of the TPG


Fifth red flag: Quality of the pictures


Need I go on? headslap.gif


Edited to substitute text "red flag" for the .jpgs that quit working for unknown reasons.

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Once again, NEVER EVER EVER buy any coin because of the holder. Especially from a no name company like them.

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I was going to but it and put it into a ANACS holder, but not now! I'm not going to look at the auction again!



A wise choice. I've noticed over the years that DMPL and PL designations are overrated. Most of the no-name or unknown companies place it on nearly ever Unc, cleaned, or Xf+ Morgan in their hands. I would only trust the better known companies for that designation, and then only with good photos. I do have a nice DMPL graded MS-64 DMPL by NTC. I know they are not known for grading well, and this coin would only get a 62/63 in my opinion, but it is a blazing DMPL with great frost on the devices. The photo isn't the best, but it really is a B&W cameo coin. I took a gamble and was very happy when the coin arrived, so as much as I never seem to agree with NTC's grades, I do agree with their added designations.



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OMG. These guys appear to have hit a new low in TPG's.... I've purchased 1 coin from a 3-4th tier tpg,, i think it was acg, or agc, or whatever....... was actually very happy with the coin and price and agreed with the grade..... but took my time reviewing the auction, asked for additional pics, got a nice discount, etc... ntc stuff always appears problematic, cleaned, etc..., but at least get thier coins within 1 or 2 grade partitions of the actual....

Congrats uscg (United Scam Consignment Group?),,, take another swig and grade a few more.... and thanks for the comedy relief.

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