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Help Needed Mystery Object.

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Has anyone seen this medal before? It is unsigned 40mm gilt bronze. FELICITAS BRITANNIAE = Good fortune (or happy) Britain. INEUNTE REGNO = At the begining of the Reign.

It is for the accession of George III October 25th 1760. Portrait looks similar to Pingo's accession medal PINGO'S MEDAL, but nose is shaped more like Kirk's KIRK'S MEDAL.




The reverse has a lion with it's paw on a fleur-de-lis and Britannia holding a spear/pole(?) standing on a fleur-de-lis with cornucopea, trident, anchor, cannon & shield.


Any guesses as to what the object is on the spear/pole she is holding?

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Looks just like British Historical Medals #3 (the Pingo medal). Any differences could just be wear on the dies or a different obverse die.


BHM #3's note says:

"Some specimens occur in brass or very light bronze; these are much rarer than the examples in dark bronze. There are also variations with grained edge and without the engraver's name on the reverse..."


The wording would seem to indicate multiple dies.

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From, Appendix I in BHM Vol 3. Corrections and additional material to volumes I and II;


3 Accession of King George III For 'by T. Pingo' read 'by J. Kirk. This also occurs in AE gilt(Private Collection).


So, when I thought this medal looked like Kirk's medal(mainly because of the shape of the nose) of George III's accession, I was right, and there is also a gilded medal(like mine) in a private collection. I am as equally pleased it is by Kirk, as I was when I believed it was by Pingo :ninja:

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