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Beauty on American MPC $1 (1961)


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For those not familiar with MPC's, they are less known as Military Payment Certificates, and they were used by US servicemen overseas, beginning in Europe after WWII, and ending in SE Asia in the 1970's. Being a military brat, we of course got a few of these from my father after he finished his sentence in SE Asia in 1973, we played with them like play money. At least I saved a few. Now I collect many of them avidly because of the attractive feminine vignettes.


This is my most recent acquisition, series 611 $1






The lady is "Tiara" and she was a creation of graphic artist Charles Chickering. Another example of 20th century art finding her way to paper money. I like the curious positioning of her eyes, as though she is looking off to the right and not facing the viewer.

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I was talking to my dad about these. He remembers well being paid in MPC for a while and we both wish he'd have saved some! This is a great looking note, and I agree that the coy look is very alluring. Nice addition!

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