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Coin grading


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As said in a previous post of mine, I am new to all of this coin collecting and I wondered if someone would be able to help me.


I have a couple of books for getting a guideline value of coins but every value depends on the grade of the coin. So I was wondering if someone would be able to explain what determines if a coin is Ef or F etc...... and is it really easy to make that decision?



I have heard mixed reviews about this, but is it worth cleaning some coins up to make them look better. By this I mean things like silver coins, is it worth giving them a once over with some silver polish etc?


Also, (Last thing I promise!), when you see a coin that says mint condition or uncirculated, then that’s the coins usually still in the presentation folder etc?


Thank you in advance for your help.

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Grading, depending on the coin, is opinionated, everyone has their own take on F, VF, EF etc...

For a take on grading look here: http://wybrit.com/info/Grading.html



I would say NEVER polish a coin, you are only lowering its grade as you are adding wear to the coin! If the coin was just a cheap, decorative one then it doesn't matter if you polish it but it will decrease in value and grade.


FDC = Fleur de Coin, this is proofs or coins in folders.


UNC can mean no wear.


Email me at Clive@HistoricCoinage.com if you have any further questions.





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I've got a section on coin grading on my website which you might find interesting:




I also agree with Clive and Moneydog "don't clean a coin. If you feel it needs cleaned then take it to a professional."


Some museums may be able to advise on cleaning (preseving) a coin if it really must be done and NCS http://www.ncscoin.com/ offer conservation service in the US (but they can't conserve every coin).

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