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Clydesdale (Scottish) Commemorative Note + Question


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What counts as a "desirable" serial number? I have kinda wondered about that for a while.


In any case I found two of these in circulation last week.. well circulated but still an interesting find! This one has a serial ending in 0000, the other is just random numbers but slightly better condition.


I cant afford to keep both of these, spending it seems like a waste, ebay is not worth the bother, so if anyone wants one of them let me know which (0000 or random) and what your offer is, I don't even mind if it is face plus shipping. Just seems better to at least offer them here before I spend one.




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Maybe you should spend it since the condition of the note is not good. There are two visible tears on the edges of the folds. If it is a low serial number 000019, then it is worth keeping or sell away.

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