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Piggy bank dilemma


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I got this piggy bank from the estate of an elderly woman ...I don't know the age of the bank, but it appears that someone put two or three BU rolls of 1940 Lincoln cents into a new bank at some time. Who knows, maybe someone gave it as a gift to a child in 1940. There are instructions on how to break open the bank on the bottom of it, but since I can't find another bank like it on the internet or Ebay, I'm wondering if the bank itself is worth something. Most of the cents appear to be bright red with no toning, although a couple might be red/brown from what I can tell through the glass. The slot is small enough to make it impossible to remove the coins without destruction of the bank. Should I "break the bank" and free the cents?...how much is a better grade 1940 cent worth (if there's one in there)?







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I too think you should maintain that bank as is. I don't really think there is any coins in there worth the breakage of that bank. If you were really desperate to remove some of those coins without breaking the bank you could try one of those extender grasper things that many people use to pick up things in hard to get areas. Don't know if you know what I mean but they are usually about 2 feet long, push button on top, little grasper things on the other end. Of course using those would scratch most of the coins. I'd leave them just were they are as a great novelty, show piece, discussion item. In fact you should probably add enough more to fill the thing. Then as already noted, seal the hole so no more air, gasses or moisture can get in.

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As a wee child I was pretty bad at saving AND had a sweet tooth so I became very good at retrieving coins from my piggy bank without actually breaking it open.


I used a butter knife and after I got the knack I could easily slide a coin out every few seconds.


If you don't want to risk scratching the coins use a tongue depressor or popsicle stick instead.


Imagine if this was full of three BU rolls of 1955 Double Dies? :ninja:

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I learned to carefully tilt the bank and slide coins out as a kid. You can do it with a light touch and patience. However, I think it is a better item intact, as is. Fantastic collectible.

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