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US Gold Eagle selling advice


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I've been a numismatic since I was very young and I never considered selling anything.

Current economic situations are bringing me to consider selling off a couple of the 1 ounce Gold Eagle coins from my collection but I'm worried about getting rooked and taken advantage of.

Any advice as to how to go about safely selling these coins? Would I want to deal with a coin dealer or are there more wise ways to go about this?

I have seen that prices for this coin are currently around $950. But what might I expect to actually collect from this transaction?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I live in New York city, if that's any help.

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You have to be a bit more specific about the coin that you have. Please specific what condition is it in (proof, uncirculated), year, mintmark (if any) and any additional paperwork or box that it came with. This way, we can give you a better idea if there are any extra premium to what you have. Gold is always worth gold price, but when you are selling to a dealer, do expect a 2-5% discount rate.


Welcome to coinpeople by the way :ninja:

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Thanks for the fast feedback.....I wasn't too specific because I was just curious if there was a standard protocol for selling gold coins. This coin is far from rare, so I doubt it has any value beyond it's weight in gold.

It's an uncirculated 1997 walking liberty coin, w/ the nesting eagles on the reverse side. Here's an example image I found online (http://eremitus.ancients.info/images/Modern/Eagle.jpg)

It's mint but not proof (if my understanding of the terminology still holds)....in other words it's in uncirculated condition, but it was not given to me encased in any casing or plastic, so it HAS been touched by human hands. It has no packaging or certification along with it unfortunately.

And thanks for "welcome"....I have always been fascinated with coins but I tucked my collection away years ago and just recently opened my safe to discover what I'd been ignoring for a decade.

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