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Finished one type set - Korean 1959, 61 hwan set


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This set has been extremely difficult to complete and it's just a mere 5 coin set. Who knew that it would take almost two years just looking for one coin which is either extremely popular or I just don't know where to look:




The other two coins are as follows:






There were no coins struck in 1960 and then only the 10 hwan and 50 hwan were struck in 1961. 100 hwan remained to be a one year type. What is interesting is that it seems the US mint struck coins for South Korea at that time. Strangely enough, the country fell into some kind of economy depression, only to get their currency reformed at 10hwan to 1 won, with new coins struck in 1966, making these coins extremely short lived.


It is extremely challenging to find them in UNC condition in particular the 1959 10 hwan and 50 hwan and if you do, congratulations.


I have also almost complete the modern 50 won type set with the 1977 50 won missing, mintage of the lowest at 1 million - probably going to be very very tough.


The rest of the collection can be seen here: http://www.gxseries.com/numis/koreatype/koreatype_modern.htm

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