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Is this price right?


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Back in 2001/2002/2003 these used to sell for $50-$60 a pop, nowadays they easily bring $100.


I used to buy them in a set with the double ducat and sell the ducat for $55.

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Been ogling a gold coin lately and have it down in my price guide as worth about $60 in BUNC condition, but this is just crazy!

Let me know if this is right or just a crazy ebay concept - it's over $100 already? :ninja:


Gold has shot up. Most coins have little added collectors value beyond the gold price. People would rather pay $100 for a rare piece of copper inherently worth 2 cents than $200 for a not-rare piece of gold worth $100.


Gold was $250 in 1999, it's now over $900. So at 0.11 ounce AGW, that coin should not sell below $100 even if there are vast numbers of the coins in existence and it has no collector scarcity.


Unfortunately for buyers, acquiring a collection of gold coins is far more expensive than it was.

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