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2 $10 The Rt. Excellent George William Gordon Comm. Coins 2008

from Jamaica


You find the most wonderful coins in circulation. Absolutely amazing. I must hang about in the wrong parts of Florida. Great find.

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Chaco Culture and Yosemite quarters this past week.


Still no supply of those in my area. I'm jealous. :sorry:

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My first Coinstar hit! A 2009 Bahamas penny, and two Canadian quarters: one 1969, and a silver 1961!


Way to go on those!!!

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I got a 2009 Canadian Nickel in change yesterday. Looks like it just came from the mint.


I get Canada coins in change so much I don't even give them a second look unless they have GVI, or QEIIYH on them. I find a reasonable amount of GVI cents and even 5 centers in roll searches - they pop up in change occasionally.

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Like many of us, I am an obsessive change checker. You ever notice the looks you get from cashiers? Hey, it's not that I think you short-changed me, I just want to see if you gave me any gifts.


It's been pretty dry, but last week this was handed to me. One of 24.7 million minted and 58 years old...now retired from duty...thank you.








OMG I thought I was the only one doing that.


I've gotten some weird coins in the past and never thought anything of it. Since I am new to the coin collecting community I find myself looking at the change I get back at the store all the time. Maybe I too will get lucky and find something great.


Great Find.

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At 7-11 on way to hockey game to pick up snacks that are cheaper there than at the arena, I ask the clerk if she has any unusual coins in the cash register that I can have in my change - no was her answer, then she said, "oh wait, someone set these aside for some reason, you can have them..."


1926 Lincoln

1941 Lincoln

1944 Canada GVI cent


The '26 is the earliest I have gotten in change and from a non-roll searching find in awhile.

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