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1806 Farthing


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Hello there,


I am a young lad and I have only recently started collecting coins.


I have recently found a 1806 Farthing ( I believe) within my collection of coins.


The coin seems unusual to me. First of all, the coin seems upside down (stick with me here, I have not gone mad!), when you look at King George III, then flip the coin over as you would any other coin, the Britannia is upside down.


ALSO, the coin i found on google has the words BRITANNIA written on it. well the one I have only has BRITANN. It does not look as if the "IA" of BRITANNIA has been rubbed off or anything.


Can anyone help me with this at all? I have added photos of the coin for people to have a look at. The red line drawn on shows where the words BRITANN start and finish.




Thank you in advance.



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