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Constantin I Ruble

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Constantin I Ruble




When going through a box of stuff I had gotten at yard sales, flea markets, and other places through the years, I came across two Russian coins. I did a bit of research on the internet, and found one is Nicholas I, dated 1834, with the Alexander Monument on the reverse. It is a one ruble silver coin. The second coin was much more difficult to find. It is an 1825 coin of Constantine I which, as I read about it, if it is real is very rare. Was this coin counterfeited in the past, and if so, how do I determine if it is a counterfeit? The edge of the coin is smooth. I found a photo of a Constantin I ruble, and though there are many similarities I see some slight differences. Since I am not a coin collector, it is difficult to know whether these are differences caused by condition (the photo was a pristine coin), or whether these are indications of a forgery. Any help would be appreciated. I can also send photos. Many thanks for any help!



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Chances are, it's 99.99999999% counterfeit and the edge is not supposed to be smooth. It's just VERY rare, less than 10 examples around the world and I think all are accounted for. Do post pictures if you can.



I agree, though in my brief research I note that two of the known coins have a smooth edge. Here are photos. Will post a second photo with the reverse. Thanks for the help!


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